Nordstrom Transactional Campaign


Nordstrom Transactional Program

— Digital Design, Information Architecture —



Nordstrom's transactional program is a complex one that addresses a wide range of customers and scenarios. During an initial audit of the series, my team reviewed over 30 existing emails to identify patterns and opportunities as we approached the full redesign. 

The project began with lots of research, including an in-depth look at the site experience, content mapping, and competitor analysis. Once we established the types of modules required, we began to wireframe and develop design patterns that could account for dynamic content, multiple templates, and user personalization. Final visual design followed Nordstrom's approval of the program setup.




One of two designers on the project.

Art Director: James Spence
Design Partner: Tanya Williams
Copywriter: Lacey Clemmons

Designed at Responsys, 2012 – 2013.