REI Concept Book



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REI came to my team to re-work their entire transactional email program, which includes a wide range of data-driven, automated, complex messages — like order confirmations and shipment emails and all sorts of other notifications. The full series was woefully out-dated in both design and strategy. 

Given the content- and copy-heavy nature of transactional emails, it was crucial to create a set of program-specific standards early on. While many of these messages are positive in nature, some are more neutral or even negative: the tone of voice in a class registration email (celebratory) should be different than that of an order cancellation (kind and calm). By grouping these message types into overarching buckets and understanding the resulting customer reactions, we created a flexible, hard-working copy framework.

A limited color palette and restrained graphic elements provided the finishing touches of our content-first, consumer-focused guidelines.




Senior designer on the project. Partnered with art director Kathryn Alva to develop the program approach, style guide copy, and layout design.

Designed at Oracle, spring 2015.